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PSI Faculty

The PSI course will be taught by many outstanding international lecturers, visiting to lecture for 3 weeks at a time, in combination with Perimeter Institute Faculty members and dedicated postdoctoral tutors who will be present throughout the course.

James Forrest

Perimeter Institute, Academic Program Director


Neil Turok

Director, Perimeter Institute, will teach Relativity


Anton Burkov

University of Waterloo, will teach Statistical Mechanics


Freddy Cachazo

Perimeter Institute, will teach the String Theory Review


David Cory

IQC and University of Waterloo, will teach Explorations in Quantum Information.


Francois David

Institut de Physique Theorique, CEA-Saclay, will teach Quantum Field Theory II


Bianca Dittrich

Perimeter Institute, will teach Quantum Gravity Review


Joseph Emerson

IQC, will teach Quantum Theory


Marcel Franz

University of British Columbia, will teach Condensed Matter


Davide Gaiotto

Perimeter Institute, will teach String Theory Review


Ruth Gregory

Durham University, will teach the Gravitational Physics Review


Alioscia Hamma

Tsinghua University, will co-teach the Condensed Matter Review


Lucien Hardy

Perimeter Institute, will teach Foundations of Quantum Mechanics


Kurt Hinterbichler

Perimeter Institute, will co-teach Cosmology review


David Morrissey

TRIUMF, will teach Explorations in Particle Theory


Brian Shuve

Perimeter Institute and McMaster University, will teach Explorations in Particle Theory


Pedro Vieira

Perimeter Institute, will co-teach CFT and teach Explorations in String Theory



Additional Faculty will be added in coming months. Check this page for updates.